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6 Prestige Circle

Allen, Texas 75002

Office:  214-383-4440

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At Cornerstone School Allen, we recognize these special needs and provide and outstanding option for your child!

The low student-to-teacher ratio provides many opportunities for the teacher to thoroughly know each student, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. This enables the teacher to monitor and adjust/differentiate instruction in order to meet the individual needs of each student in a smaller classroom setting.


The overwhelming pressures placed on elementary students and their academic performance is no secret. The pressures of academic performance and success are now being put on children as early as Kindergarten. Is your child emotionally ready for this level of pressure? Is your child academically ready for this level of pressure?

Kindergarten is an experience that is critical to the growth and development of each child! The year prior to entering public school is a time of maturing, changing, and preparing to enter the big world of “school”.

Sometimes, children need an option other than public school Kindergarten. You may prefer a smaller class ratio. Perhaps they need special work on some concepts and skills. Maybe their birthday falls in the months of September through December – after the state deadline, but they are ready for more! For these younger students, an assessment is done to determine readiness, and if appropriate, transitional Kindergarten will be offered.

CSA Private K Curriculum

The ultimate goal of our Kindergarten program is to help each child reach his/her potential. In the CSA Private Kindergarten Classroom, students are exposed to a curriculum that is carefully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) mandated standards for Kindergarten curriculum. These standards apply to all Texas public schools. Therefore, your child will be learning the same standards and readiness skills provided in the public school setting.


The benefits of your child learning the same materials in a Private/Transitional Kindergarten setting versus the public school setting include the following:

  • The children are in sync with the public school system, but are also provided with the opportunity to surpass their current grade level due to a smaller class ratio, more one-on-one instruction, and individualized learning plans.
  • The concepts being introduced and taught better prepare them for public school academics, which later become concepts that only need to be reinforced and/or recalled.

CSA Private Kindergarten

Please call and schedule a tour to find out how  Cornerstone School Allen's Private Kindergarten can benefit your child! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Office: 214-383-4440

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